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Follow Up Call From Bride Meghan Flow

Follow Up With Event Planner Michelene Gary

Letter #2
Letter #3

"BS&M have developed a strong following on the East Coast owing
as much to their showmanship as to their song craft."

-The Washington Post

 "BS&M have long been a favorite on the music scene owing with their tight
ensemble work, sincere lyrics, and sing along harmonies."

-Style Weekly, Richmond, VA

 "BS&M have generated a legion of fans with their gentle rifts and insightful lyrics."

-The Virginia Pilot, Norfolk, VA

 "One top notch group. You really made our wedding day!"

-Alan & Debra Page, Washington, DC

Thank you for being a wonderful part of a very special evening for the Harris and Chalet families.
Your work on the lyrics for the first dance and for the energy you created throughout the evening was
beyond excellend and exceeded our every expectation.
The performance you delivered on the occasion of my daughter’s reception
ranks at the very top of my list of outstanding performances and will be fondly remembered.

- William C. Harris General Manager, Country Club of Virginia

" Dave was great to work with throughout the planning process.
We felt comfortable and even overly prepared for the big day. We were able to enjoy the day and
celebrate with with all of our guests. It was a blast! Thanks again..."

-Bill and Karen Halsey, Baltimore, MD

" When Tom sang Rocky Top with you guys I thought I'd die!
Thank you for making our wedding. We can't wait for the pictures and video!"

-Lisa Pryor, Washington, DC

Thank you (and the rest of BS&M) for a great performance.
Every guest I talked to told me how much they were enjoying the band.
I also really appreciated the fact that you were so easy to work with- I never once felt like
I had to tell you all how to dress, what to play, where to be -
it was one less thing I had to worry about.
Tom and I really enjoyed the evening.

"...after brief remarks to the crowd (Governor) Allen and his wife danced
to the music of BS&M.."

-Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA

" Thanks so much for learning the
Marc Cohn song for our first dance and
sorry for crying so much! You really made our reception."

-Candace Williams

"You did such a wonderful job on our wedding day...What a performance."

-Cammie Olson

"Great band pick for this fund raiser."

-Pat Buchanan, presidential candidate

"Everyone was impressed."

- Sandra Ellsworth, event planner, Major League Soccer Final,

RFK Stadium, Washington, DC

"Nothing but good comments from the crowd. You really were the best choice."

-Andrew Swanson, Washington Historical Society

"The impersonations were killer. We really enjoyed having you."

-Karen Banks, Event Planner, Baltimore, MD.

"...Richmond's favorite...

Peter Bell, Richmond Music Journal

I wanted to write you and tell you how wonderful I thought the band was.
You were better than I could have ever imagined and I feel horrible that I
never got a chance to talk to you and thank you in person. I had the best
time dancing and I know everyone else did too. I guess that was kind of
obvious given the dance floor always being full! Everybody raved about you
and I heard so many people say that they have never heard such a great band.
You all were so great to work with and really made things so much easier.
I've sent a few pictures from the wedding. Please e-mail me your mailing
address, I'd like to send you something. Thanks so much!

-Tia Mahoney, Glenmore Country Club Wedding

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful music you and
your band played on February 1
Everyone remarked how great your music was."

-Deborah Wayland, Professional Event Coordination.
Available to contact by phone for referrals.

(To booking agent)
They were wonderful! They learned "Up on Cripple Creek" by the Band
for our unusual first dance song - and it was fantastic! The dance floor
was packed all night long and everyone has been talking about how great they were.
Thanks so much for everything that you guys did -
we really appreciated it! -

-Jill Hayek "bride", Charle City, Va

I had never heard BS&M before. I was just going on the recommendations of
others, so I was a little apprehensive about them. I have to tell you that
they were awesome! They were way better than I had even hoped. So many
people at the reception told us that BS&M was the best band they had ever
heard at a wedding. Everyone danced. People didn't want to leave when the
reception was over! I was very worried that I didn't get our first song to
Dave in time. I just mailed a CD to him about a week before the reception
with no sheet music, no lyrics, no nothing. I figured they wouldn't have
time even to learn it, but when they started playing it, it was amazing.
They nailed it perfectly. I could not have asked for better music.
Everything was just right. I would highly recommend BS&M to anyone having a
reception, or party, or any other function requiring music. They were great!

-John Sims "groom"

Sorry it has taken so long, but I wanted to thank you and
BS&M for the wonderful job you did at our wedding.
Everyone did do a wonderful job and we received many glowing compliments on the band.
Thanks for all the help that you provided in the wedding planning
making everything go as smoothly as possible.
Please let everyone in the band know that we appreciate everything
you did and will definitely recommend you any chance we get.
Thanks again,

-Allen and Mia Mifflin,

I know that it's been a while since you all played at our wedding (on October 25th)
but I had to write to thank you very much for your performance. You guys (&girl) were absolutely fantastic.
I had quite a few people comment to me during the rehearsal about what a fine band you guys are.
BS&M performed with the talent, class and enthusiasm that exceeded our greatest expectations.
Cynthia and I wanted to thank you again for making our wedding day such a success.
We can't wait to see you all perform again in the near future.

Bob & Cindy Magielnicki

B,S & M was awesome! Everyone had a great time. The cocktail hour was great too with David on guitar.
I only wish I could have paid more attention to them.
There were so many people there that I knew I felt as though I was meeting and greeting all night.
I would love to see them again. All of my guests said they were incredible and that B,S & M made it a really good party.
Thank you for all your help,

-John Chenault

Hi David, I wanted to thank you for a great time at the wedding.
Your band is fabulous just like Sarah and John have been saying. Our guests really enjoyed your music!

-Martie Sturtz

AWESOME AWESOME!!! BS&M were great. The bride, groom and the entire crowd
loved the band. Dave was so easy to work with and the entire band was so
talented. The bride even got up to sing a bit of Respect with the fantastic
lead vocalist. So fun! Would be thrilled to work with them (and you) again in the future.

-Kathleen Holroad,

Thank you both for helping to make the Waynesboro’s first anniversary/holiday party a big success! BS&M was great,
and our employees thoroughly enjoyed the performance! I apologize to the band for the late start Saturday night.
I did not expect our program to take as long as it did. Hopefully we can work with you again…my brother Bob
is interested in working with you and the band for our April event (Salem division annual party) at Mountain Lake.
I will contact you when I have more information. Again, thanks for everything. Kind regards, Jackie

-Blue Ridge Beverage Company ,

BS&M were amazing. The music was great--everyone was dancing all night.In fact,
we extended them by one hour because no one wanted it to end.
Dave was great to work with and they even learned 3 songs for us (we had only asked for 2--the third was a nice surprise).
They are great musicians and really seemed to put their hearts and sould into the music.
They were very accomodating when we had to mix up the schedule of events
(i.e. the best man was gettting nervous and had to give his speech asap).
I give them the highest recommendation and would use them again down the road for any big event. Jessica

-Laurie Womack, Outer Banks Wedding

Everything was fantastic, and many of our guests were telling us how much
they enjoyed BS&M. The best part was that some people we never see dance
were breaking it down! The dancing got going a little later than we had
anticipated since dinner ran long, so we were very appreciative that they
stayed longer b/c the crowd was really into it!! I also had so much fun
getting up to sing with the band- that was great! I would definitley
recommend Sam Hill and BS&M to my friends... they were very fun and very
accomodating- I really appreciate you and David's help to make our reception
so memorable.

-Marya Kelly Washington, DC

We are back from the honeymoon and had a great time there and at the wedding!
BS&M did a great job, despite the mix up of the times....
they ended starting at 7pm so we had to shuffle some things around but it probably worked out better that way.
We also had a few mix ups with song requests and the our departing announcement, but nothing major.
Overall, everyone had a blast and that made the night!
Thanks for all of your help!
Take care,

-Valerie Waters

The band was a great band and they played great music!! All of our
guests were very impressed as were we! They kept the dance floor full
the entire time they played! I can't rave enough about their music! We
also really appreciated the fact that they arrived and completed set-up
by 4:30 as requested, when our guests started to arrive.

-Sonya Gearhart

We are back in Richmond which means back to reality.
We had a blast at the reception, we received so many compliments
on your performance. I hope you all had a good time.
I was getting nervous with all of our "band want a be's" up on stage with you.
It was nice for you to include them.
We did not want the night to end.
I wish we would of had one more hour to dance some more....
Thanks so much for everything!

-Tiffany and Rich Addis

Customer Feedback
Such energetic stage presence--loved every minute!
Customer Ratings
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate
The BS&M Band in terms of their professionalism? 4.5

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate
The BS&M Band in terms of their overall talent? 5

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how accommodating was
The BS&M Band in handling special requests for your event? 5

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how strongly would you
recommend The BS&M Band to a friend? 5

And finally, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you
rate your overall satisfaction with The BS&M Band? 5

-Lauren Kennedy, American University, Delta Gamma, Washington, DC

Andy.. thanks and everything was WONDERFUL.. BS&M was a huge hit.. we could not have been happier.
Great to work with .. great attention to detail,, great music.. great time had by all.. I would highly recommend..
lots of compliments and questions of "where did you find them..they were fabulous"... thanks it was great!

-Martha Mitchell Meade

BS&M was amazing -- I'm so glad that we chose them, and I really appreciate all of your help with it.
I got many compliments on the band from guests at the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed them myself.
We even got Mike out on the dance floor!

-Pamela Herbert

I want to thank you again for helping make my daughter's wedding such a

success. You and the band were just excellent, and could not have been more

cooperative. I hope you got enough to eat and drink, and that you enjoyed

the reception as well.

I had a post reception party at the Radisson and the standard comment from
everyone was "that band, where did you find the band?" Seriously, you were a
big hit. Well, there was one exception. My wife's favorite cousin plays bass
in a band in the DC area and he kept muttering about how much better your
bass player was than him...

Today I played disk golf with one of my friends that attended the wedding.
His favorite song of the night was George Benson's On Broadway - as for me,
I loved We Are Family. Your lead singer has serious pipes.

-Bob Boester - Father Of The Bride

We were so pleased with everything on Saturday night at the Jefferson
Your band did a great job and we had many of the guests compliment the music.
Thanks for making it so wonderful!

-Dani Ashbridge

You were wonderful!!! We cannot thank you enough for
setting the exact mood we wanted at the reception.
Our guests loved you, as did we. Thanks from the
bottom of our hearts!!!

- Jim and Jennifer Aaron

You were wonderful!!! We cannot thank you enough for
setting the exact mood we wanted at the reception.
Our guests loved you, as did we. Thanks from the
bottom of our hearts!!!
- Jim and Jennifer Aaron

BS&M did an amazing job at Amy & Dave's
wedding (the caterer even told me it's been a while since she's been
impressed with a band at a reception and wanted to know who they were).
And David Barton was very good to work with; we had a problem with the
amount of power supplied to the tent and he and the sound engineer
worked right through it, and everytime something needed to be announced
or done to make sure our timeline was adhered to, David was right there
making sure it happened.

- Cate Buscher
Wedding Consultant/Event Planner

Hi Dave,
Thank you so much for playing!
The band was fabulous and everyone is still raving about you all! I swear, non-stop raving!
I am so pleased it all worked out and thank you so much for accommodating me and my pickiness for "first" songs!
I appreciate everything! I hope I have a reason to use you all again soon!!!I talk to Barbara every day :)
Thanks for helping her out.. They all were impressed!!!!!
The music was so fun and I got some great pictures of the band!

- Kate Scattergood Washington, DC

You guys were great at the wedding.

-Scott Thomasson, The Homestead Resort Mgr

We certainly enjoyed the band on Saturday.They were great! I heard nothing but glowing comments from everybody at the reception.You made the reception very special!

- Alice Higgins, Berkeley Plantation

You all played at my Dad’s wedding reception this past Friday at the Kenbridge Country Club (6/8/07 for Bernard Barker and Lynn Hurt).
I was the Best Man and all I can say is “Wow!” Your passion and excitement are unmatched!!
I had friends from the age of 23 to much older (we’ll just say they were well into
their retirement years!) who commented on how great you all were
. The dance floor packed and you even interacted with the guests while performing—you all really know how to have fun and add to the party! Thank you for making my Dad’s big day even more special!

- Jason Barker, Best Man, Kenbridge, VA

Many thanks to you and all of B, S & M for doing such a great job at our wedding at Keswick Hall.
You made the reception so much fun! All of our guests have been raving about the great band
and saying what a good time they had dancing to your music. Hopefully you all could tell how much people were
enjoying themselves by the enthusiasm we all showed in our dancing!

-Julie & Richard Schurman

Lynn and I want to say a big "Thank You" to you and the band for a wonderful time. The wedding went very well,
the food was very good, but the band was "icing on the cake"! I don't think we could have selected a better band.
Everyone who attended are still talking about what a wonderful time they had.
| I hope we didn't disappoint you in our being out on the dance floor pretty much the entire night.
I know that Lunenburg County will never be the same!!!

-Lynn and Bernard Barker, Lunenburg Country Club, VA

The band was absolutely great, they did a fantastic job.
Our guests had a fabulous time and we received numerous compliments about the band!

-Lavan-Escalante Wedidng

Everything went very well - BS&M were wonderful, just what we wanted - a good mellow sound for the first part
and then upbeat after the program! We got lots of compliments. David and the crew were very
accommodating and I would highly recommend them for future engagements!

- John Mudd
Kennedy Center Washington, DC

Allison and I have been so busy since coming back from the wedding/honeymoon that I've barely had time to think..
. that being said, we wanted to thank you all so much for such an excellent performance.
The music was great and you all were great. So many of our friends have commented on how much fun the
band was and we couldn't agree more.
Thanks for making our wedding so memorable.

- Arun and Allison Jesudian,

We enjoyed the party tremendously. Everyone was amazed by your performance--BS&M is fabulous!
So many guests inquired about and complimented you. Obviously, when searching for a band,
I looked for one that had a great sound. I feel fortunate that I found a band with a wonderful sound
and a great personality. You all seem to enjoy what you do and that was shining through.
Thank you for being so professional and prompt. Great communication definitely puts the party planner at ease.
Hopefully, we won't have to wait another 10 years to see you perform.
We will have to plan a "special" party so that we can have that much fun again.
-Thank you so much for making Jeff's party such a wonderful experience.

- Eva and Jeff Burns

Dear Dave,
I am not sure I can begin to explain how wonderful you guys were at
our wedding!! You and your band were so wonderful and talented. I
got so many compliments on your sound and diversity in music. Also,
I really appreicate you playing our first dance song. I realized I
gave you this song with a few days of the wedding. The fact that
you were able to play and sing it perfectly was truely amazing.
Thank you! Thank you! I have so many wonderful memories of the
dancing from 'Feelin' Good' to 'Purple Rain.' It just doesn't get
any better. Thank you again!!!!!!!! My mom lives in Charlottesville
(as does many of the guests) and I know she will recommend you to
everyone she knows.

- Annalise and Ben


-James O'Neil Groom, Wedding Follow-Up, The Homestead

Thanks so much for a great evening of entertainment!
The "Billy Jean" dance was a riot, and then letting my cousin sing "Honkeytonk Woman" was just amazing!
Thanks for picking such a great dance mix and keeping volume perfect!
I loved that it was up towards the end when everyone was dancing!!!
Yall did a great job, and many many people asked my mom and me about your name and contacts for future events! I hope that Boonsboro was cooperative and your needs were met as well!
Thanks again! The whole weekend was wonderful!

-Heather Von Oesen

band was AWESOME! They were very professional and everyone arrived in a timely manner.
I loved the diversity in the band and the energy that they brought to the wedding reception. They were generous and made the day all about "ME",
the bride. A special thanks goes out to everyone who played a part in making sure the band was prepared and for the love and generosity that was shown.

-Charity & Belinda Potts

Thank you so much for the follow up note.
Ya'll were great, everyone raved about what a good time they had and I'm a true believer
that most of it has to do with the band.
Thanks so much for all your hard work and entertainment.
Our first song was perfect too btw way. thank you so much for my our night so special!!!
I will definitely pass your name out to others getting married.
I know referrals go a along way. again thank you to you and your band.

-Laura Vohs, Greensboro, NC,

The band was absolutely amazing! As you can tell by the enthusiastic dancers -
everyone was having a wonderful time - the reviews are still pouring in -
everyone is asking - how did you find such a great band.
Our friends are all from the New York area - where we also have good music -
but the consensus was one of the best bands I've ever heard and seen!
So it is us that should thank you for ensuring that our party was the success that it was.
It was a pleasure working with you. The Kelley family has two more weddings this year and
I expect we will see you again soon! Thanks again, Joan Podnos

-Podnos Wedding

Again, so many thanks to you and your entire group. Yes, we loved the Michael Jackson segment and the group participation.
I was a little worried about some of our older guests who have difficulty with loud noise/ hearing issues and the size of the room,
but Mike and I were thrilled and would highly recommend you.

-Judy Campbell, Farmington Country Club

Sarah and I were so pleased with the music!
We couldn't have picked a better band. We were worried that people wouldn't get up and dance or that the band would be too loud.

It was perfect. They made our reception a real party!
I felt good about the band when speaking and corresponding with Dave. He was very attune to what we wanted and asked specifics about the venue to make sure
they had the right equipment and sound for the space. They were punctual and flexible too. Dave assisted my sister and brother-in-law
with setting up for their gift of a song to us. Much appreciated!
People enjoyed the music and everyone was up and dancing. They provided an excellent variety of music, old and new.
All the voices were strong and on key.
They got out in the crowd and got people involved. One of the band members had phenomenal dance moves...
he made dancing like Michael Jackson look easy. Knowing that the band enjoyed themselves made us
have even more fun! We would definitely recommend you to others.

- Dwayne & Sarah, Sept 20, 2008, Staunton Va

Thank you so much for such a wonderful performance on Friday. I would
have gotten back to you sooner, but I'm still trying to recover from the
weekend! As I'm sure you realized, our parents are quite the party
animals. Everyone was raving over the band and had a great time dancing
and interacting with you guys. We would love to have you back for a
future event and I will certainly pass your name along.

- Betsy Elise, Kappa Kappa, W&L, Lexington, VA

I'm sorry it's taken me a while to get back with you, but I wanted you to
know what a great job you all did at our wedding! Chris and I, and both of
our families thoroughly enjoyed all of the music -- it was obvious that
all of our guests did too! I don't think I'll ever forget looking out over
the ballroom once everyone was seated for dinner and hearing you all play
such wonderful dinner music in the background -- it was magical. When
everyone hit the dance floor was of course great too! The evening
definitely had the feel that we wanted and you all were a huge part of
that! Thanks again!

- Alice & Chris

We could not have scheduled a better band. BS&M was so easy to work with!
They knew how to work the crowd and played great songs that kept the crowd dancing!!
I intend on highly suggesting them to Charisse Ghattas, next year's Ring Dance Entertainment Chair.
Thank you so much for providing us with such a great band! They truly MADE the night!

- Kelley Fennessy VA Tech Class of 2010 Ring Dance

Thanks so much for the wonderful performance and for being such a pleasure to work with.

-Melissa Abraham, Free Agents Marketing, 2009 Bon Secours Gala

I danced through my weather woes and had a blast! We recently just had the alligator dance happen at a Georgia wedding I went to and they really could do it, these guys tried and pulled off!  So fun.  Well send picture for sure and thanks again for being an exceptional band.  Everyone raved.


                                                       -Heidi Lieberman Los Angeles, CA

We are just writing to tell you how unbelievably happy we were with the decision to hire BS&M for our wedding. You were right; they couldn't have been easier or more professional to work with every step of the way. Dave was very accommodating to our unique needs/requests for our reception. It's one thing to have as large of a song list as they do, but to be able to play every song as well as they do is testament to their immense talent and the diversity of music that only a large band can give you. As soon as they started playing to the moment they stopped, the dance floor was energized and packed, which is no small task with my usually reserved family. And when four hours of music just wasn't quite enough for us, they didn't hesitate for a second to keep on playing when asked by Mary. I believe that they finished up around midnight, which is so far and beyond the call of duty. Everyone loved them and many took their card home for future parties. Sam Hill was incredible to work with, BS&M was incredible to dance to and our wedding day was that much more memorable because of you guys. In the interest of trying not to give you all too large of a head, we'll leave it at that.

Sincerely though, we can't thank you enough. All the best,

-Jake and Mary Richmond, VA

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful event.  Is there anything that Leah and I can do for you in terms of recommendations?  We would be more then happy to share our amazing experience with BS&M.

-Seth Chokel Chicago


We can't thank you enough for the fantastic job you guys did at our wedding.  The band was beyond perfect.  You guys really know what you're doing.  Everyone has said how incredible you guys were.  You had everyone dancing and having a blast the entire night.  I loved your interaction with the crowd! And the dancing...well I'm sure it wasn't the best you've ever seen, but we sure had a good time! We would be more than happy to give you a referral anytime.  We truly can't say enough good things about you guys from beginning to end.  Everything was truly perfect!


Thank You!!!!

-Megan Grimm Baltimore, MD

We had A BLAST on Saturday! Thank you for making our reception so much fun. EVERYONE loved you all. I have heard so many nice compliments on the AWESOME band. You made our reception so much fun! I don't think I have seen a longer Love Train as I did on Saturday night. I can't wait for the pictures! Thanks for making our night so much fun! I am pretty sure it is safe to say that we danced the night away!

We absolutely LOVED BS & M. I would recommend them to anyone! Dave is wonderful to work with and the band was so much fun and interactive with the crowd. My husband who doesn't like to dance was out on the floor shaking the tambourine! They can get anyone excited to dance. They were a blast and played a variety of songs from all different eras.  BS&M is fantastic!

-Colleen McGrail Richmond, VA

Your band made the wedding.  EVERYONE loved you guys.  The play list was

great.  You packed the dance floor and when we threw you a few curve balls

changing up the schedule you rolled with them.  Sarah was thrilled.  My

brother and I had lunch today.  He told me that if the band had played til

3:00 am everyone would have still been there.  You had people dancing that I

have never seen dance before. My wife Susan is on the house committee at Westwood and was saying this

morning that we need to have you for one of our member parties. I would be happy to speak to any prospects at any time.  Please give them my

cell number listed below.

( Note: available upon request!)

-Keith Sullivan Vienna, VA

It was such a pleasure for me and

Sara Fay to work with you and the band! The family and guests thoroughly

enjoyed the evening, and we were SUPER impressed with your performance. You

were amazing to work with, and we will definitely keep you in mind for

future events. We would love to work with you again soon!

-Mary Hollis Todd Events Dallas, Texas

I have been meaning to write you since the day after KT and Andrew's

wedding, especially since I was honored by a "shout out" designation

by your band... a first for this 60-plus year old!:-)

It is hard to describe how significant the effect your talented

musicians and vocalists had on the entire "spirit" of our daughter's

wedding reception!  All of our guests raved about the music and the

amazing quality of each and every performance.  You clearly know how

to "read" a crowd... I saw some of our friends, who usually sit on the

sidelines, dancing every dance, singing along, and generally having

the time of their lives.  It says it all when KT told me at some

point, "Ma, I'm going to forget the garter and bouquet toss and cake

cutting... no way I'm going to interrupt this party!"  That says it

all. What a blessing to have our daughter's marriage begin with such

joy and jubilance... the memories of that evening will be with our

family forever!

Having heard you at other local events, I think I'll become your

newest "groupie"... if I knew your schedule, I might even become a

wedding crasher!  Thank you again and again for everything.

- Pam Huggins

Charlottesville, VA

Okay, what can we say?  You all were FABULOUS!  You had us all in the palm of your hands for the entire evening, beginning with Lindsay and Tim's first dance, until the end of the reception.  From the gorgeous dinner music to the music that had everyone on the dance floor, you were consummate professionals.  The vocalists were superb, and you read and orchestrated the mood and energy of the crowd from beginning to end.  As everyone knows, music is probably one of the biggest influences on the success of an event, and we are fortunate that you were in charge of ours!  


- Hal and Joyce Feder  Johannesburg, South Africa

I cannot thank you and your band enough.  We had the BEST time!!!  You guys were awesome.  So many people were out dancing and that is exactly what we wanted.  :)  Thank you very much!!! 

 I cannot wait to get the pics back.  I think everyone enjoyed all your props!


Thank you,

  1. -Lauren and Andy Richmond, VA

Sorry for the incredibly slow response on this email.   Thanks for touching base with us about the band and the music.  Overall, the band was wonderful!  Everything from their outfits to the props to the song selection was professional and great!  We had a wide range of guests at the reception and all of our guests enjoyed the music.  A number of guests were asking for the band's information at some point during the night.  We even had a different first dance with the band playing a few minutes of Al Green and then a few minutes of Usher's "Yeah."  The band handled it like pros and all the guests loved it!    Dave seemed to genuinely care about our needs for the evening.  

- Katy and Stephen Furr,  Delaware

Thanks for checking in and for the congratulations. The wedding was amazing - and BS&M was incredible. They exceeded our expectations, were wonderful to work with and truly made our reception. We got so many compliments! Dave Barton called a few days before the wedding just to check in and let us know that they were ready and looking forward to performing for us, which really was nice piece of mind for Gary and me. They also learned our wedding song and did a fabulous job with it - we were so impressed! All night they kept the energy going, jumped off stage to join in on the dance floor, and even came back on stage for an encore! Dave sent me a nice email the next day and we are planning to write in to their website and give them a great review, in addition to sending some pictures.

We are SO glad we decided to go with a band and can't thank you and your team enough for setting us up only a few short months in advance of our wedding date. You did a great job of recommending a band that played the type of music we were looking for - I had some family come up and say they were so glad they played classics that they could sing along to in addition to new stuff our friends were excited to hear.

I will certainly not hesitate to recommend BS&M to any of my friends - and I have lots that are engaged!

  1. -Shannon & Gary, Virginia


Rockin’ The Dance Floor - Chapel Hill, NC